Mayhew Custom Guitars are enjoyed by many is one example.

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Mayhew Guitar Player and Entertainer


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Steve Piticco has played guitar all around the globe. He tours extensively throughout Canada and Europe with his band South Mountain. You may have also heard him play with "Narrow Road", Patricia Conroy, Tracey Prescott, Tommy Hunter, Johnny Reid,.... just to name a few.

Steve has won many Awards including "Guitar Player of the Year", "Instrumentalist Of The Year". Steve and his band have won "International Group Of The Year". To view some of these awards, please click on the picture above.

I can honestly say Steve Piticco is one of the Best Guitar Player I have ever heard.

"WOW! This flattop really pings and sounds as even as the best accoustics I have ever played in my life! My Mayhew guitar is my #1 accoustic of all the guitars I have played!!!"
Steve Piticco.

"Jack spent a lot of time with me to figure out exactly what I needed in an accoustic guitar, from the "type of wood" to the "neck width". I am sure that the Mayhew guitar will be the flattop that every picker has to have!"
Steve Piticco.

Steve and his dad Jack Piticco jamming with the Mayhew guitars.

As a freelance, Steve will play with different bands, here Steve is playing with the "Smiley Bates Tribute Band".

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