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At Mayhew Custom Guitars, it is our goal to strive for excellence with each guitar that is built by providing the customer with the quality they deserve.

Our focus is the customer.

The customer can choose to be the designer and we will simply become the vehicle by which the customer builds their very own dream guitar.

You can get any kind of the exotic woods that are available to us.

Every guitar that is built is completely handcrafted.

Each piece of wood constructed in the guitars from kerfing to binding is all handcrafted by Jack Mayhew.

All backs and sides are carefully selected for grain quality and material with exceptional figure from wooden blocks.

Who plays Mayhew Custom Guitars?

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Variety of woods available

Come and see different kinds of Rosette designs.
You will also find different Burls and Fretboards.

repair REPAIRS
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Pictures Pictures
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What do Mayhew Guitar owners think of their new guitar!!

If you have any questions about the guitars please call Jack directly 905-576-2445.

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Mayhew Custom Guitars
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