Mayhew Custom Guitars are enjoyed by many is another example.

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Mayhew Guitar Player and Entertainer


Paul Chapman (also known as Chappy) started his musical career at age 9 by playing in the house with his dad. During his teen years he played in bands in his hometown of Sudbury, Ontario until he moved to Los Angeles.

Chappy scored a gig playing on the Dick Clark TV show "Hot Country Nights" as a member of the house band. After that job ended, Paul decided to try his luck (so to speak) in Las Vegas and Reno. He was a popular session player and worked in several bands.

Paul had a month off and headed back to Canada for a visit. While he was here he started working with his friend Rodney Alexander and things snowballed from there.... that gig led to a job with the George Fox band.

Chappy has played with some of the hottest acts in country music including; Jamie Warren, John Landry, Beverly Mahood, Gil Grand, Susan Aglukark, George Fox, Duane Steele and many others.

Chappy looking while Jack is installing his pick-up system.

St. Joseph's Island Festival, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Chappy is getting ready for his gig with John Landry.
(*Notice his Mayhew Custom Guitar on the guitar stand in the middle of the picture*)

John Landry played Chappy's Mayhew Custom Guitar all night!!

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